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Enterprise DNN C# MVP Module Template for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

Project Description
A C# Visual Studio template for DNN Enterprise Module Development using the new DAL2 Data Access Layer and implementing the MVP and Repository design patterns

Project Links:

Simple, fast installation

Just double click the VSIX installer file and the template is installed. See video blog.

Customize project properties before creating the project

Wizard screen lets you edit the project attributes before the project is created saving time doing it afterward.

Best-practices coding patterns for DNN7

Template built from the ground up implementing WebformsMVP architecture and repository pattern for plugable data and settings stores. Ideal for any kind of project from simple modules to complex projects with many views and intricate business logic.

Fully-functioning sample code

Based on Chris Hammond's newest DNN7 template where the template provides you with a complete working module with a functioning settings, view, and edit usercontrols, data access layer, and dnn manifest. Just build the project in release mode to create the package, install the source package in DNN, and drop the module on a page and start customizing.

Ready-to-run Unit Tests

In addition to pre-built code, the template provides a unit test project with two functioning unit tests based on the Visual Studio Test framework.

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